Our Leadership

Chairman Message

Mrs. Sudha Sharma

Our endeavours is to impart exemplary education to the students, which will not only pave the way of their bright future but would prove an asset so that they may serve the society adequately, as a chairman of this institute I owe responsibility to fulfill the goal that I have set for the speedy development of this college.

Vice President Message

Mr. Suresh Chand Kaushik
Vice President

Make your own way through indigenously discovered avenues. Things do not necessarily go your way. Feel through the obstacles which you happen to confort on your way to success.Share with other the experiences you have unsparingly called during your journey and inspire them to delicately gather their own experiences and pave new pathway which coming generation may use to take this dynamic humanity ahead.

Secretery Message

Mr. Nand Kishor Upmanyu

Education can’t stop at teaching and learning in class rooms. Young professional need opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. That’s my firm belief and there’s no room for empty promises. We strive to create a learning environment for students where they unfold their potential, closely interact with the practitioners from the industry.

Treasurer Message

Mr. Raj Kumar Sharma

Education enhances the levels of prosperity of people and removes the darkness of ignorance. Shree Jee Baba Institute makes sustained efforts for the spread of education. It is education only which can eradicate most of the evils prevailing our society. We are living in a world of changing values and paradigms. At times discretion gets blurred in such a fast moving world. We at SJB, are trying to prepare human beings who do not get confused. Come, be a part of this unique endeavour.

Director (Admin) Message

Mr. Girdhari Lai Sharma
Director (Admin)

Welcome to the enthrallingly thrilling world of knowledge, a gateway to the land of myriad hues that will surely illuminate the path you propose to tread on. Be it humanities, science, commerce, education Business, management, computers or law each stream opens up for you whole new vistas that take you to the new heights. Let this new beginning mark the end of all your old imperfections and inhibitions.
With the world scenario changing fast, not only in terms of technology but also in terms of values and ethos, it is highly imperative for one to have foresight and an infallible sense of anticipation in order to keep himself abreast of time. SJB Educational Group is committed to imparting knowledge and developing skills most congruent to the varying needs of the times, thereby, preparing highly motivated, dedicated and innovative minds to lead India into a realm where everybody is superior to others but nobody is inferior to anybody.
We seek to make education easily accessible and affordable. Besides inculcating core values such as honesty, compassion, tolerance and humanity etc, we hope to instill in you a yearning for learning. I hope, you will reciprocate our endeavour.

Dy. Secretery Message

Mr. Madhusudan Goswami
Dy. Secretery

Education is the ability to meet life situations. With resistance and diligence laced with knowledge and intellect, one can soar to any extent one desires. The thrust of education at Shree Jee Baba Institute is not only to produce mere degree holders but the bright young men and women equipped enough to foray into the world with an all round development of personality. Our vision of the institutions is to impart quality education in all core disciplines of knowledge by developing global leaders who are confident, smart, intelligent and gifted.
With best infrastructure, techno-sawy ambience, latest gadgets to equip one to stride with competitive fervour, ever increasing new job oriented courses, career-counseling and highly enthused qualified teachers-we earnestly endeavour to help you in realizing your dreams and make you better human beings.