Welcome to Shree Jee Baba College of Law

Shree Jee Baba is a name one can count on. It stands for pioneering works in the field of religion, education and Health care etc. Shree Jee Baba, a series of institutions and organization, work for the uplift of society. Be it religious, social, educational or medical work, Shree Jee Baba has become a brand name. The name itself is enough to ensure quality. Shree Jee Baba educational society has been established with a view to creating to the needs of urban as well as rural people who look for an education centre which can view with the best available and prepare academicians, educationists, corporate workers, entrepreneurs, legal experts etc. who, having been groomed in the institution, may feel highly confident, immensely vibrant and infinitely energetic, bubbling with various visions to steer the nation or the world for that matter to a state where democratic values are not only accepted or tolerated but also lived out with an earnest willingness. The main motive behind the institution is not to stand out alone or to portray itself as something protruding but to make its produce highly skilled and dynamic in their respective fields, which they choose to excel in


Our endeavours is to impart exemplary education to the students, which will not only pave the way of their bright future but would prove an asset so that they may serve the society adequately, as a chairman of this institute I owe responsibility to fulfill the goal that I have set for the speedy development of this college.
Mrs. Sudha Sharma

Make your own way through indigenously discovered avenues. Things do not necessarily go your way. Feel through the obstacles which you happen to confort on your way to success.Share with other the experiences you have unsparingly called during your journey and inspire them to delicately gather their own experiences and pave new pathway which coming generation may use to take this dynamic humanity ahead.
Mr. Suresh Chand Kaushik
Vice President

Education can’t stop at teaching and learning in class rooms. Young professional need opportunity to put their knowledge into practice. That’s my firm belief and there’s no room for empty promises. We strive to create a learning environment for students where they unfold their potential, closely interact with the practitioners from the industry.

Mr. Nand Kishor Upmanyu